Machine Retrofit Service

Products from CM are designed for a long service life.
High-quality materials and best engineering ensure the safe operation of
our products over several decades.
Innovations, changed requirements and the continuous development
process at CM and our customers can nevertheless rapidly overhaul
the technology of existing old machines.
The answer to these changes is a retrofit of your existing machine.
– Performance optimization
– Enhancement of product properties
– Optimization of safety devices
Interference with the machine – Safety risk
At first glance, a retrofit offers an economical alternative to a new
acquisition. However, the modification of machines that have already
been placed on the market requires an assessment of the machine with
regard to operational safety.
Safety assessment – Risk analysis – CE- marking
In the Product Safety Ordinance (Product Safety Act / 9th ProdSV
Machinery Ordinance) a change of a machine can be judged as a
substantial change compared to the original condition and is therefore
regarded as a new product.
This raises the question of when a machine will be converted into a new
machine. Any modification of a used machine that affects the protection
of the legal rights under the Product Safety Act must be examined for
safety-relevant effects. Every change must meet the requirements of
machine safety in accordance with the stare of the art, see also safety
guidelines for the operator. In some cases, a separate procedure for
assessing CE conformity, with risk analysis and risk assessment, must
also be carried out.
These aspects must be checked in individual cases before retrofitting.
If the intervention in the machine is so extensive that an evaluation on
the basis of documentation is not possible, additional assessments of
the machine at the installation site by CM personnel or experts may be
necessary. We would like to point out that this work must take place
before planning and is associated with costs. A result could be negative
influence for the implementation.
If you have any questions or require further information, please do not
hesitate to contact us.