CM debaggers are designed to feed ends automatically or semi automatically to the filling line. The sticks must be packed in loose paper bag and the mouth of the bag folded 180 degree and glued tightly without gap.

High speed end feeding 4~6 sticks/min

Medium speed end feeding 3 sticks/min

Low speed end feeding 1~2 sticks/min

– debagger(including buffer) 2500 kgs

– Voltage
380V 3 phase 5 line
– acceptable voltage fluctuation  +10% / -15 %
– Installation capacity 3.0 kW
(including buffer and end stick infeed belt)
– Wire(3 phase、0 earth) 5 x 2,5 mm²
Air pressure
– air pressure
Min 4.5 bar
Operation pressure 6 bar
Max 6 bar
– Air useage
6 bar,4 Nm3/hour
Capacity 4 ~6 stick/minute
noise level <80 dB(A)(1 meter from the infeed machine)
Product to be processed
– diameter of steel ends and aluminum ends 202~206(根据客户要求定制)
Max length of end stick 1200mm