Can Making and Food Processing Equipment

Container Machinery – since 1974

A variety of can making and food processing equipment is available from the global network of Container Machinery companies.

Container Machinery Corporation was originally founded to represent European manufacturers of can making and food processing equipment in North America. In the 1980s, CMC developed SEAMscan, the double seam inspection system. This award winning quality assurance product ushered in the development of many other can inspection gauges and testers for the metal packaging industry. In 2002, the German Manfred Kuhnke Company was acquired, leading Container Machinery Corporation to spin-off it’s can measurement division to become CMC-KUHNKE.

Today, the Container Machinery companies are a progressive group at the leading edge of container manufacturing. Through customer-driven design and improvement, the Container Machinery companies provide state-of-the-art products and services on a global scale.

Container Machinery International Limited (CMI)

Hong Kong

CMI is the parent company of Zhuhai CM Container Machinery Co. Ltd. (CMZ) which produces can-making products for the Chinese market. CMI exports equipment worldwide, and has installed automated end and can making lines throughout SE Asia.

Container Machinery Europe (CME)


CME imports and exports European and Chinese machinery. Container Machinery Europe offers can and end making equipment, machinery design (engineering), and follow-up service for machinery installed in Europe through a Container Machinery company.

Container Machinery Corporation


Container Machinery Corporation markets sensors from Jungmichel Industrieelektronik GmbH, spare parts for Lagarde Autoclaves, and parts from various other machinery manufacturers. Container Machinery Corporation also provides individual can making and food processing equipment, complete can and end production lines, and installation and follow-up services.

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