These retorts conform to most international standards, CE, ASME etc. They are produced on production lines in the order of 20 sets per month! They can perform any known process, creating uniform temperature distribution and using steam for optimal heat penetration = faster cook, better product, lower cost. What are | Read more
This multi-function lab-retort performs thermal sterilization of food in any container, uses only electricity for heat and kinetic energy. The system can reproduce any heat processing method with steam or hot water in still and rotary cook. For development of Fo value or determine process by using the Fo value. | Read more
Truxton Steristar Steam-Air Retorts
Container Machinery has provided machinery for food processing for over 40 years.  The original company (Container Machinery Corporation) was founded in 1974 and manufactured the Truxton Steristar Steam-Air Retort. | Read more