型号 CM-B700
适用盖型 Ends type 207.5E/207.5A/200/211/209
生产速度 Production speed 240 epm
盖条长度 Stick length Max 800mm
通道数 No. of lines 4
周期 Cycles/Minute 10 bags/min
电源供给Power supply 400V, 60Hz, 3-phase 5lines+ neutral+PE
额定功率 Power rating 15Kw
气压 Air preessure 0.6Mpa
打包机PLC Bagger PLC Siemens PLC,S7-200 SMART
外形尺寸 Mechanical size L*W*H=3950mm*2950mm*2150m

CM Balancer

CM Balancer

型号 CM-B500
适用盖型 Ends type 200,202,206
进盖通道数 Number of Infeed channels 1~4
出盖通道数 Number of Out channels 1~4
单通道速度 Single channel speed Max.2000 pcs/min
缓存数量 Storage number 160000 pcs
控制系统 Control system Siemens/Allen-Bradley
气源接口 Air connection 12mm
气压 Air preessure 0.6Mpa
电源连接 Power connection 380V 50Hz
额定功率 Power rating 12KW
外形尺寸 Mechanical size L*W*H=7m*4.5m*3.1m
净重约 Nett weight approx.. 4200Kg
托盘堆叠高度 Height per stack 1450mm
棒的长度 Stick length 1330mm
棒/托盘 Sticks per tray 12
盖/棒 ends per stick 770±10 pcs(Based on 202)
盖/叠托盘 ends per stack 160000 pcs


Please note that the parameters is only for your reference. The allocation is depended on your machine’s realistic requirements.