This video shows the fully automatic end delivery system for can ends in a beverage filling line. It includes a  robotic de-palletiser, automatic un-wrapper, including suction device to remove paper scraps and dust, reversed end rejection, two or four roll pusher for a single or dual lane out-feed. Not shown here is the delivery conveyor to the seamer with gap control.
To remove dust and small remainders of packaging material, shipped in Octobins, for instance, the DUST-MASTER creates a high velocity stream of air, which is guided onto the product  (pressure side), removes it from the opposite side (vacuum side) and guides it to the filter. Instead of releasing the filtered air into the surroundings, stirring  up dust and debris and making noise, the DUSTMASTER recirculates the cleaned air to the pressure side of the air stream, thus creating a stream of cleaning air in a circular motion, leaving the product CLEAN-AS-A-WHISTLE...
The press CM-100 was developed by a closure manufacturer with outstanding mechanical engineering experience and has proven itself many times in the production of metal closures.

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