General Line Can Making

Fancy cans, odd shaped ends, small pocket cans for mints – they all need the lock-seam body makers. We can supply them for very large cans (waste baskets) to miniature cans for mints with hinged lids, from 20 cpm for the largest cans, 200cpm for the smallest ones.

New on the market: smallest cans  (mint pocket cans) with fully automated hinge making and assembly at up to 200 cpm! Your chance to rise to the top of the market. But hurry: each machine is built to order and the capacity is limited (supply chain limits in Europe too, this time for experts to build the equipment.)

CMZ 200 Infeed of body basic parameters and configuration: Complete with the function of blank feeding, notching, bottom side flanging, top side pre-rolling feeder, beading, hammering, lock seam

  • Servo moto: SIEMENS
  • Converter: SIEMENS
  • Diameter: 65-150mm
  • Height: 50-300mm
  • Capacity: 25-30cpm

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