Replacement Compound Drying Oven Pocket - Style #2
Oven Pockets for Vertical Compound Drying Ovens and Easy-Open End Repair Coaters.

Container Machinery manufactures several types of replacement oven pockets which are directly compatible with a wide range of conventional vertical drying ovens, and with some easy-open end electro repair coaters. Oven Pockets from Container Machinery are an inexpensive and reliable alternative to high-priced OEM replacement parts.

Conventional can end vertical drying ovens hold can ends using two parallel series of plastic oven pockets. To hold ends properly, the pockets must be exchanged regularly. Oven pockets are easy to replace, and we recommend exchanging them annually, or bi-annually, depending on your can end-making production volume.

A variety of Oven Pockets are available.

Not all compound drying oven parts are created equal. The combination of heat and wear can deform oven pockets or make them brittle — leading to can end jams or oven pocket breakage. Optimum end-making line efficiency can be more easily be achieved when using the best parts available.

Vertical drying oven pockets from Container Machinery are made from a high-quality plastic polymer specifically suited to the harsh environments inside a conventional compound drying ovens. We’re so confident in our oven pockets, with your first order, we’ll send you 100 replacement pockets free of charge. If you accept them, we’ll proceed in shipping the remaining order.

Contact us with your vertical drying oven manufacturer, the size of your can ends, and the capacity of your drying oven, and we’ll recommend replacement oven pockets for vertical drying ovens according to your exact requirements.

Contact us to order drying oven pockets.

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