Designs for bags with shrink wrap, paper bags and paper wraps (for larger sanitary ends) are available. The bagger can handle up to 2,5 sticks, 1200mm long per minute per lane. Or 10 bags per minute in a 4-lane set-up, 24 / 7.

Ends coming from the production lines are accurately counted and pushed forward. A mechanical gripper transfers a stick of ends to the wrapping station. Then the ends are wrapped automatically in film. A manual by-pass bagging station for paper bags is included. Packaging in paper bags replaces the stretch wrap station, if specified.  That wraps it up!

Technical Specification:

  • End Size: 200~307 (Can customize)
  • Speed: up to 10 sticks of ends/min
  • Length:  800-1200mm
  • Air Consumption: 300 l/min, 6 bar
  • Installed Power: 16KW
  • Noise: <80dB

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